Welcome to onaroadtonowhere.com, a blog about travel and living in China. This is not a travel blog for young professionals, digital nomads, influencers, or entrepreneurs. This is not the place where you’ll find soft-focus shareable photos of beautiful people frolicking on beaches. There will be no uplifting stories about how you too can quit your comfortable, yet soul-crushing, corporate job to galivant around the world with a seven-figure income.

Hello, and Welcome to My Blog

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My name is Canyon. (Yes, really.) Sometime in the mid-2000s, I blew all my savings on a six-week trip through Central America. I visited Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, and discovered that the world was much bigger and more interesting than any small midwestern American city. I realized that the traveling life was the life for me, and perhaps it was just the thing to save me from becoming too much of a hopeless cynical bastard.

Moving to Shanghai and Living in China

Since then, my fiancé and I finished our college degrees (mine is from the best community college in the Twin Cities metropolitan area!) and moved to China. Now we’re teaching English in Shanghai and anxiously waiting for the end of the pandemic so we can travel again.

This blog is a way for me to share some of my travels and experiences living in China. I’ll be honest, I would also like to make some money from it, too. Because, as much as I enjoy teaching English, who doesn’t fantasize about living off the internet? I’d settle for a solid five-figure income.

Besides traveling, I also enjoy writing, reading, music, and studying languages.

I’m working hard on being less of a cynical bastard, although I’m no longer quite so hopeless. I hope you read and enjoy the blog!

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living in China, About
Okay, fine, here’s one Instagramable beach pic…