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Bad Advice: Things You Shouldn’t Do When Learning Chinese

Bad advice for learning Chinese -

There is a lot of bad advice out there about learning Chinese. Most of it comes from professional bloggers and influencers who seem to be dedicated to convincing the rest of us we’re losers for not working five hours a week, living in Bali, and knowing twenty languages. It’s okay. You’re not a loser, you’ve …

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Studying Chinese in China

You would think that after two years of living in China and studying Chinese almost every day, I’d be pretty good by now. I’m not. I can order food and get the gist of some of the simpler Peppa Pig episodes. But I still can’t understand what my elderly neighbors are shouting at me as …

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Rosetta Stone sucks for learning Chinese

On paper, Rosetta Stone seems like the perfect app for learning Chinese. It creates an immersive environment and stimulates how we naturally acquire languages. There is no translation, so you learn the word more deeply. Also, it’s very very expensive, so it must be good right? Well, unfortunately, maybe not so much.

Learning Chinese, but Still Tīng Bù Dǒng

Neon lights of Chinese characters in Shanghai, also a McDonald's sign

(click here for helpful resources to learn Chinese) What has been the most difficult thing about moving to China? Culture shock is a real thing, of course. Every culture has its own quirks that take some getting used to. In China, people spit on the street. Sometimes kids will poop on the street. They have …

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